Omega XL Reviews: Does it really work?

Omega XL stands as a potent, entirely natural dietary supplement for joint health. It is meticulously crafted with a distinctive combination of 30 wholesome fatty acids that promote and enhance joint health and mobility.

In our assessment of the Omega XL supplement, our team conducted a meticulous evaluation of its ingredients, recommended dosage, effectiveness, and possible side effects. Our study also encompasses a comprehensive examination of the pros and cons of Omega XL. Join us as we delve into this Omega XL review, and stay with us until the end for all the details.

What is Omega XL?

Omega XL is a dietary supplement renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is composed of a blend of omega-3 fatty acids sourced from New Zealand's green-lipped mussel oil, which is rich in numerous health-promoting benefits essential for the human body.

Omega XL has been advocated as a natural alternative to traditional anti-inflammatory medications, offering the added advantage of avoiding the potential adverse side effects often associated with these drugs. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of Omega XL, explore its key components, and highlight its distinctions from conventional anti-inflammatory medications.

What Company Makes Omega XL

Omega XL is produced by Great HealthWorks, Inc., a company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Great HealthWorks, Inc. was founded by Ken Meares in 2003, specializing in the development and distribution of dietary supplements and wellness products.

Omega XL is made available to consumers directly through Great HealthWorks, Inc.'s official website. It is also accessible through various retail outlets and a range of distribution channels.

Does Omega XL Work?

Now, this question might be on many minds - "Does Omega XL Work?" It's not a straightforward question and deserves a closer look to understand. Let's delve into the benefits of Omega XL and how it operates.

Omega XL is enriched with a compound known as PCSO-524, derived from New Zealand's green-lipped mussels. According to research published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, PCSO-524 comprises various fatty acids believed to work collaboratively in alleviating joint pain and inflammation. This is achieved through the lipoxygenase (LOX) and cyclooxygenase (COX) pathways[1].

The effectiveness of Omega XL can vary depending on an individual's health status. Omega-3 fatty acids, a key component of Omega XL, have been proven to possess anti-inflammatory properties and offer several health benefits. To fully grasp its efficacy for specific health concerns, further research is needed.

Omega XL Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

When examining Omega XL reviews, it's crucial to closely examine the ingredients in its composition. OmegaXL comprises an exclusive oil extract sourced from New Zealand's green-lipped mussel, pharmaceutical-grade olive oil, and vitamin E.

Extract from Green-Lipped Mussel (PCSO-524)

The green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) native to New Zealand serves as the primary source for the green-lipped mussel extract (PCSO-524). This extract is included in Omega XL due to its abundant omega-3 fatty acids, known for their anti-inflammatory properties and potential benefits for joint health.

The green-lipped mussel extract used in Omega XL is created through a distinctive process involving freeze-drying the mussel meat and solvent-free oil extraction. This method preserves the extract's nutritional richness, ensuring both its effectiveness and purity.

Research findings have indicated that oral supplementation with green-lipped mussel extract led to notable reductions in knee osteoarthritis pain, as well as decreased joint tenderness and stiffness. Moreover, it improved both pain management and mobility in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis.

Omega Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids, a type of polyunsaturated fat commonly found in fish, as well as in some plant-based foods like flaxseeds and chia seeds, are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. They are believed to contribute to joint health, heart health, and optimal brain function.

Omega XL contains a unique blend of omega-3 fatty acids, including Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), commonly found in fish oil supplements. However, Omega XL goes beyond and also incorporates other forms of omega-3s, such as OTA (octadecatetraenoic acid) and ETA (eicosatetraenoic acid), sourced from the PCSO-524 green-lipped mussel extract.

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in reducing joint pain.

Virgin Olive Oil

Numerous studies and clinical trials have been carried out to explore the potential advantages of virgin olive oil in addressing joint discomfort.

Vitamin E

Clinical research has indicated that Vitamin E may be utilized to alleviate joint pain linked to osteoarthritis.

Pros and Cons of Omega XL


  • Omega-3 for Possible Health Advantages.
  • Promotes Joint Well-being and Minimizes Inflammation.
  • No Unpleasant Fishy Aftertaste.
  • Handy Soft Gel Capsules.


  • Scarcity of Robust Scientific Evidence.
  • Higher Price Point.
  • Effectiveness May Vary Among Individuals.
  • Possible Allergic Reactions in Shellfish Sensitives.

Omega XL Health Benefits

  • Promotes Heart Health: Omega XL lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation, and helps maintain healthy lipid levels to support heart well-being.
  • Alleviates Joint Pain and Inflammation: This supplement also effectively diminishes joint discomfort and inflammation, providing significant benefits, particularly for individuals with arthritis.
  • Enhances Brain Health: Enhances cognitive function, nurtures brain well-being, and may reduce the risk of cognitive decline.
  • Enhances Eye Health: Shields against age-related macular degeneration and dry eye disease, concurrently boosting eye health.
  • Nurtures Skin Health: Alleviates inflammation in skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and maintains skin moisture for healthy skin.

What Are The Side Effects of Omega Xl?

Some individuals may experience potential side effects from Omega XL, including nausea, headaches, allergic reactions, and mild blood-thinning. The duration and severity of these side effects can vary from person to person, and not everyone may encounter them. If you notice any adverse reactions, it is advisable to discontinue Omega XL and consult with your healthcare provider. For additional information or to report any concerns, you can visit the 'Omega XL Reviews Complaints' section on its official website.

Omega XL Customer Reviews

Consumer reports on Omega XL reveal a total of 29,418 ratings worldwide, with 2,927 including reviews on Amazon. These reviews encompass a wide range of opinions and perspectives on Omega XL.

Having recently incorporated the Omega XL supplement into my routine, I can confidently affirm its effectiveness for arthritis. Within a few weeks of consistent use, I observed a remarkable reduction in joint pain and stiffness. Moreover, my energy levels saw a noticeable boost, leaving me feeling significantly more invigorated. Notably, I experienced no adverse side effects from Omega XL. ~ Michell

Omega XL Reviews Conclusion

In summary, Omega-3 fatty acids have a well-established role in joint care, widely recognized for their ability to reduce inflammation and alleviate joint discomfort. Typically, these fatty acids are considered safe and relatively effective.

For sustained effectiveness over the long term, it's advisable to combine a joint pain relief supplement with minerals that support bone and muscle health. If you're in search of a joint supplement rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, KrillMD could be an excellent option to explore. To learn more about our firsthand experience with this supplement, feel free to read our KrillMD review.

Additionally, we'd like to mention another top pick, the Projoint Plus supplement, which doesn't contain Omega-3 nutrients but instead boasts the power of glucosamine and other potent joint-supporting nutrients. You can find more information about this product in our Projoint Plus reviews.

Our bodies rely on healthy joints for seamless movement, and joint damage can lead to discomfort that hinders our activities. Various factors, from aging to untreated sports injuries, can contribute to joint pain. A quality joint product has the potential to aid in repairing existing tissue damage and fortifying joints, making them less susceptible to future degeneration.

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